Lower Abs and Core

Crunches- Sit-ups- Bicycles- YES, they are all a perfect combination to get those abs of steel, flat tummy’s and six packs… but when it comes to CORE we need to work a bit harder to target those deeper and finer muscles.
It is very common for most of us to be imbalanced when it comes to ab strength with our primary rectus abdominis (Six pack muscles) being the main power house of the Abs and having neglected our LOWER ABS and Obliques. As I always say- being CORE FIT is about finding the BALANCE so it is super important to get our lower ab strength on par to our primary muscle strength.

I am sure you are thinking: “Robz don’t crunches and sit ups still work those lower abs?”.
Well yes, they would be activated BUT the main top abs would be powering the move which means those top abs would be getting the better workout.
For ULTIMATE CORE we really need to learn how to isolate and activate our lower abs and Pelvic Floor.

My first recommendation is understanding your LOWER AB structure and what other Ab muscles make up your CORE besides the Rectus Abdominis.
The ones I really want you guys to focus on are your TRANSVERSE ABDOMINIS and OBLIQUES.
Your Transverse Abs (TA’s) are the deeper LOWER abs that span across the lower part of your abdominals making up a huge part of your CORE.
To find them: Place your fingertips on the inside of your hip bones- cough or laugh- feel those muscles popping up, those right there are your TA’s.
These become the support system for your back and pelvis so we want them to be naturally strong in order to have great posture and strong form whilst exercising.
When you exhale through your mouth, focus on pushing these muscles out and activating them- then you know core is working.
Our Obliques make up the lateral part of our abs and are responsible for our twisting and bending movements. They are so important in stabilizing our CORE which is why we want oblique strength to balance out with our main ab muscles.


My top 10 LOWER AB/OBLIQUE exercises will give you an extra part to your home workout.

Please still remember to WARM-UP and stretch/mobilize after any workout. Work with 10 x reps of each exercise.

  1. 1 leg Dead Bug
  2. Double leg Dead Bug
  3. Imprint curls
  4. Imprint curls with extensions
  5. Lift legs from 45Degrees to 90Degrees
  6. Alternating legs
  7. Lower and raise both legs
  8. Plank with knee lifts
  9. Bridge with knee lifts
  10. Spider plank/bridge