Jenna de Beer

Pilates Instructor
Jenna de Beer

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live – Jim Rohn

My goal is to deliver creative, inventive and motivating classes which give people a sense of accomplishment whilst also having a bit of fun! Most importantly, to me, is helping people to love their bodies, providing people with the knowledge to look after themselves and teaching people the skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Growing up as a competitive dancer I have always loved using my body as an instrument and exploring what the human body is capable of. I also realised that bodies need preparation and maintenance to stay conditioned and avoid injury. Fortunately, I discovered
Pilates and realised just how wonderful and beneficial it is to maintain a healthy body.

I completed my comprehensive Pilates instructor course because I believe that many people do not realise just how good the body is designed to feel, and I want to help them attain that. I am also an Associate of the Cecchetti ballet method, A.C.B.A C.I.C.B, and an affiliate of the I.S.T.D, London, experienced in ballet, modern and contemporary dance. Simultaneously, I completed a Bachelor of Social Science at UCT.