Robyn Borowsky

Pilates Instructor & Owner
Robyn Borowsky

‘No day but TODAY’ – Jonathan Larson, Rent –

I am the owner and founder of Core Fit Centre – the expansion of what used to be Core fit Pilates.

I have always been in love with the concept of body movement, health and most importantly balance. Growing up with older brothers, we were always out in the garden running, jumping and climbing on whatever we could find. This instilled in me the desire to stay active and fit. I started ballet and modern dance at the age of three and continued with my dancing and sport right into adulthood. Over these years, I obtained a great knowledge of the body, how it works as well as how we can challenge it through movement.

My Vision for the Core Fit Centre:

Through my own personal experience, as well as my experience with different bodies, challenges and goals, I have realized that the activation of great posture, correct breath and a complete physical core, one is able to attain a sound mind and balanced soul. At the Core Fit Centre, I strive to give every person the correct tools to apply all of these principles in everything they do, from standing and sitting to running, cycling and in different workouts. The most important thing for me is that every person who walks through the Core Fit Centre doors will feel completely satisfied, entertained, worked and a little step closer to the ‘perfect core’.


  • B.A Sport Psychology (University of Johannesburg)
  • Certificate in Exercise Science (Health & Fitness Porfessionals Association)
  • Certificate in Group Fitness (Health and Fitness Professionals Association)
  • Dance Teaching qualification with the A.I.D.T
  • Extended Pilates Certificate with Correct Exercise Technique and Top Condition S.A
    –  Pilates mat work
    –  Pilates with equipment (Reformer bed, Cadillac)
    –  Rehabilitation
    –  Pregnancy
  • Basi Pilates Course- Magic Circle, Pole, Thera Band