Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates
Gentle Pilates Mat Class

Focuses on the fundamentals and basics of Pilates. We aim to give a gentle core work out all while perfecting the Pilates breathing, form & technique. Its aimed to balance out strength and flexibility in the body.

 Intensity level:
Gentle – suitable for beginners
Intermediate Pilates Mat Class

Offers a moderate level core workout, which we focus on targeting the full body to strengthen & tone. Each class will end off with Mobility & stretch set to get you feeling pain free & agile.

 Intensity level:
Intermediate – suitable for all
Power Pilates Mat Class

Feel the burn with our intense power core class. This class is aimed at experienced Pilates goers who crave a more intense workout using Pilates technique. We always focus on balancing the bodies strength & flexibility to ensure you leave feeling worked but relaxed.

 Intensity level:


Socks are compulsory and slip resistant socks are advised.

We strongly recommend people new to Pilates and have previous injuries or structural issue, to rather schedule a Private assessment before joining a group class.