Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates
Gentle Reformer Class

Focuses on the fundamentals and basics of Reformer Pilates. we aim to give a gentle core workout out all while perfecting the Pilates breathing, fomr & technique. Its aimed to balance out strength and flexibilty in the body.

Intensity level: Adaptable – suitable for all levels
Reformer Pilates Class

Specialized workout done on our Reformer beds that offer spring resistance, which adds a different intensity level to your workout. A reformer is a versatile machine, which allows for one’s muscles to be challenged in a completely different way.
All fitness levels are welcome, as the classes are capped at 4 maximum and individual attention can be given to all clients.

Intensity level: Adaptable – suitable for all levels
Power Reformer Class

Unique to Core Fit Centre and specially designed for our clients. The perfect combination of Pilates Reformer with the high quality of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
The High Intensity nature of this workout creates a cardiovascular spike, while the precision of the reformer work offers an amazing workout which will burn calories while keeping your body in correct alignment.

Intensity level: Power– suitable for all levels


Socks are compulsory and slip resistant socks are advised.

We recommend people new to Pilates to first attend a Pilates Mat Class, before attending a Reformer Group Class, to ensure you have familiarizes yourself with the basics