SALT – Aerial Pilates

SALT – Aerial Pilates
SALT  (Suspension – Aerial – Lifting – Technique)

SALT is an Aerial Pilates based class. First of its kind to Cape Town striving to strengthen our deeper CORE layer of ‘fascia’ through eccentric training. It’s an amazing way to add a different kind of Core strength and flexibility by lifting your body up and working in the air. Done to classical music while finishing off with a quiet zen out moment hanging in your cocoon will make sure you leave the class feeling invigorated, balanced, strong and aligned.

Gentle SALT Class
Orientate yourself on the SALT swing. Develop body awareness, align, lengthen and discover new body skills
 Intensity level:
Gentle – suitable for beginners or anyone new to pilates
Intermediate SALT Class
For anyone that has done own body weight training and has a good exercise history. Begin to lift off the ground through the SALT stability exercise techniques.
Decompress your spine, develop tone and lengthen your muscles with eccentric training, working your fascia lines.
 Intensity level:
Intermediate – suitable for people with good body awareness
Power SALT Class
This advanced suspension workout will push your body to a new level. Power SALT works your body in a functional way, challenge your core muscles through functional fitness whilst developing elastic flexibility. Plunge into your inversions, lift and work your own body weight. Must have good body awareness and a developed core.
 Intensity level:
 Power – only for advanced level clients


Socks are compulsory and slip resistant socks are advised.

Please attend classes that suit your skill level to avoid any injuries