The Good Stretch


‘It’s important to release hip flexors after working them,’ says Robyn Borowsky, CEO of Core Fit Centre. Here’s why…

‘Your hip flexors (those inner hip muscles) tighten up  after a long run, a cycle or a workout with squats or lunges. Hip flexors stabilise the pelvis during any forward movement of your legs. Sitting for long stretches means these muscles stay shortened, becoming tighter. When they’re too tight, the forward pull on your pelvis takes your body out of alignment. If your core is not strong enough to centre the pelvis again, this can cause back or hip pain.

  1. Kneel, then place one foot in front of the body, hips facing forward and front foot perpendicular to your knee (not knee over toe).
  2. Lean forward; place your hands on either side of the front foot.
  3. Press your pelvis down, feeling the stretch up your thigh (quads), into your hip flexor. For a deeper stretch, bring both arms to the inside of
    your front leg and go down onto your elbows (if you can). Watch that your knee doesn’t start to rotate out to the side.
  4. Hold for 30-60 seconds.
  5. Repeat on the other side.

Featured in Fairlady Magazine, June 2016.