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About CoreFit Online

CoreFit Online is a dynamic and vibrant platform where our focus is on bringing together the variation of movement, body awareness and core strength.

We offer a collection of online pilates classes for various levels to one-on-one privates, each designed to achieve balance and encourage healthy exercise without pain or injury.

Robyn is also an accredited life coach who offers sessions which are focussed to counsel and help others overcome obstacles in both personal and professional spheres.

The CoreFit Story

Learn more about Robyn and the CoreFit journey by clicking below.

Robyn Borowsky Furphy - CoreFit Founder

Meet Robyn, the owner and founder of CoreFit Online - the next step of the CoreFit evolution. Robs is cuckoo, animal-loving, blonde living in Cape Town who can’t wait to get you COREFIT (mind & body). 


Robyn has always been in love with the concept of body movement, health and most importantly balance. Robs was an active child and stayed this way going on to study sports psychology and into pursuing a career in fitness and health. 


Then something happened that would change her career path, inspire CoreFit and instil her ‘no day but today’ approach to life. 


In 2012, Robyn survived being run over by a car. Over the next year, her emotional and physical recovery ignited her mission to illuminate as many lives with the concept of core strength, positivity, community and using body movement as a form of medicine and healing. 


So in 2013, the CoreFit journey began. 

Pilates changed Robyn’s life and it has been so important for her to share this with others.


A lot has happened since CoreFit started, here’s a summary: Robs moved to Cape Town, adopted two cats, met her wife Dale, got a dog, grew CoreFit into a wellness centre, made some amazing friends, began studying again, moved house (twice), married Dale and got another dog. 


During this time, CoreFit went from being a single room, known as CoreFit Pilates into the CoreFit Centre, a wellness space which lead to a bigger team and more clients and now, it’s evolving into CoreFit Online.


This is our opportunity to share Pilates with the rest of the world, online. This space has also enabled Robyn to diversify how she helps others, allowing her to pursue her dream of life coaching where she will be able to assist people achieve their goals while empowering them to feel physically and emotionally balanced and strong. 

When the world shifted into a very uncertain time with Covid-19, our business adapted. It was our chance to transition CoreFit into an online platform, one where people could join private or group Pilates classes from the comfort of their own homes while being anywhere in the world. 


With experience in all things Pilates, from prenatal to reformer to all levels of mat pilates and even teaching aerial, Robyn has developed the knowledge and skill needed to design and facilitate online classes that offer a great workout that will energise you while keeping you safe from injury.


We are so excited for this next phase of CoreFit. It's a passion and a privilege for us to be able to share this incredible technique of exercise and help bring smiles, pain-free bodies and core strength to as many people as possible. The CoreFit goal is to offer life coaching and to teach Pilates at all levels in order to get all body-types, ages and strength-levels feeling their absolute best (mental and physical) selves and a little step closer to their ‘perfect core’. 

After years of working with people to rehabilitate and strengthen their cores, Robyn found that she was connecting with a lot of clients on a deeper level and realized that she could, and wanted to, help people in different aspects of their lives - above and beyond the physical.


Kind, gentle, encouraging and excitable - Robyn already had the qualities of someone who helps people. Now with her Life Coaching accreditation, she can counsel and guide people from around the world and help them overcome obstacles and issues in both their personal and professional lives.


Life Coaching with Robyn is unmatched. Just know that, there may be songs made up for you, they’ll definitely be hard advice given but whatever your goals are, you will feel like you have your very own cheerleader shouting you on from the sidelines of life.

B.A in Sport Psychology (University of Johannesburg)

Certificate in Exercise Science
(Health & Fitness Professionals Association)

Certificate in Group Fitness
(Health & Fitness Professionals Association)

Dance Teaching Qualification with the A.I.D.T

Extended Pilates Certificate with Correct Exercise Technique & Top Condition S.A
– Pilates Mat Work
– Pilates With Equipment
– Rehabilitation
– Pregnancy

Basi Pilates Course - Magic Circle, Pole, Thera Band

Why Choose Pilates

Adaptable to all fitness levels

Develop excellent posture

Rehabilitate existing injuries & prevent further damage

Increase flexibility

Workout in the comfort of your own home

Focus on core strength

Excellent compliment to other training methods

Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self confidence follows.

Joseph H. Pilates

Meet the CoreFit Team

We are an animal-friendly studio… and we love it.
You’ll be sure to see guest appearances from all these very furry instructors (and a less-furry Dale) at some point during the classes.

Meet Dale

CoreFit Owner

The other half of CoreFit, Dale is the business mind and motivator behind all systems and schedules. She’s also Robyn’s favourite model to use when sharing Pilates tips and tricks.


Human Relations (HR)

Fuz grew up in studio allowing her to learn exactly how to get your attention and win you over with those eyes. And although you may see her around, just know that she’ll take a cuddle session over a core class any day.


Emotional Support

‘Hello Abs!’ RuRu is the most recent addition to the team and the emotional support you need when you’re pushing through rep 10 of a move. Keep a look out to see her bouncing around, adding an extra ab workout by making you laugh during the class.


Form Inspector

JoJo loves a power class, he’s constantly checking Robyn’s form and making sure her TAs are engaged! He may also spend some time staring at the camera — he knows you’re watching.


Disappearing Act(ress)

Didi is constantly playing a real life game of ‘Where’s Wally? She’s our studio batman and likes to hang around behind the scenes so if you do get to see her, consider yourself lucky.

Success Stories

I had a serious viral illness that sapped my strength and laid me low for three months. The object of the exercise thereafter was to rebuild myself. However it was when I joined Robyn and was lucky enough to have her work on my problems, that the progress I was making really started to take form. I say, ‘lucky enough’ because that anyone that comes within the ambit of this bundle of positive, fun, energy, enthusiasm and knowledge that goes by the name Robyn, will know of what I speak.
Allen Ambor
Cape Town, South Africa
Traveling frequently for business makes maintaining a fitness regime a challenge. Being able to be guided on my physical journey anywhere in the world is a foundation of my fitness programme. Classes are well rounded to ensure my cycling and running strength remains high.
Jedd Myers
Johannesburg, South Africa
As a long standing client of CoreFit, I am thrilled that I can participate in CoreFit pilates classes all the way from France. I look forward to the CoreFit POWER class every week which offers a challenging but feel-good strength and flexibility workout from the comfort of your own home.  I equally enjoy the mobility and stretch class that sets my body right on a Sunday. Furthermore, the classes give options for different levels for each exercise so that I can work according to my own strength. It’s great that the classes can be done live with the instructor and other class members which feels as if we are all together in the studio. Importantly, each class is available for 48h after the live stream. This has been really convenient and motivating because I am always able to do my pilates class despite any time difference or busy schedule. I highly recommend CoreFit online pilates to both those new and familiar with pilates as the classes are varied, easy to follow and leave you feeling fantastic.
Ana Popovic
Nice, France
Pilates was core to my strength, posture and wellness during my pregnancy and now with a new baby at home, convenience is key in maintaining my routine. The online live classes and availability of class recordings make the classes so easy to integrate into my daily routine. Classes with Robyn are very challenging, technical and extremely enjoyable. Her positive attitude and incredible energy and nature is brought though in every one of her sessions. Not to mention highly entertaining (if you have done ones of her classes you know exactly what I mean). Her experience and knowledge, professionalism and her love and passion for what she does keeps me constantly motivated. And the new online experience has only enhanced the amazing community feel of CoreFit. I am so confident in the results I am observing - maintaining my core strength and vitality especially post pregnancy.
Hayley Sher Myers
Johannesburg, South Africa
I found CoreFit by "accident" when Israel first went into lockdown during Corona 2020, but what an incredible and magnificent accident it was. I straight away felt re-connected with Robz and was so impressed by her strong and positive attitude. The reason I keep coming back is because of the amazing energy you feel (even through the computer) with each class, and the amazing way Robz makes you feel like she is right there in your own living room. Dale has also always made me feel so welcomed and the CoreFit team is just beyond incredible!
Taryn Baker
Modi’in, Israel

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