Pilates Class Types

CoreFit has classes for every level of fitness. If you’re a beginner or a pilates-pro, there’s something for you.
Take a look at the range of classes below and find what’s right for your body.

Mobilize & Stretch

This class is for recovering and revitalising tense and tired muscles. Join us for a gentle core based stretch and release class where the focus is on breathing, mobilising and stretching the entire body. This class is suitable for all sorts of body types and every fitness levels. 

Gentle Class

This is our low intensity class offering a very gentle moving workout. The aim is to get the correct core muscles working while mastering pilates breath and posture. We work to strengthen gently while mobilizing and stretching the tight muscles that generally cause discomfort in the body. This is our ‘feel good’ class that can be used as your body medicine fix if and when your body is tight, sore or stressed. 

Mixed Level

Our mixed level classes are aimed to suit all strength levels (unless you are recovering from a serious injury). Throughout the class, there are gentle to advanced options for exercises and we encourage you to listen to your body and do what feels right for you. The goal is to balance your strength with flexibility and teach the body how to move correctly and safely while having a great workout. The mission for every class is to center you, gain brilliant mind-body awareness, while giving you a full body workout and taking time dedicated to get you feeling your best self.

Power Level

This is a power hour dedicated to get you feeling the burn without the risk of injuring yourself. At this level, the aim to give you a full body high intensity workout where you might feel a few shakes along the way. The class will strengthen down to your core layer of every muscle in the body and get your endorphins pumping.
During the hour, there is also focus on the balance of strength, mobility and flexibility that you need to achieve your CORE goals.

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