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There are several ways that you can join a CoreFit Online class.
Browse the options below to find the offer and payment package that’s best suits your lifestyle and schedule.

Live Group Classes

Join Robyn for our live online classes. We offer a diverse range of 1-hour Pilates classes that will keep you mobile and pain-free at home. No equipment necessary but we do come up with some crazy alternatives of everyday household items — so you might need to keep a broomstick or a couple of books nearby.

It’s an awesome way to get CoreFit in real time (and there might even be a guest appearance from one of the fur-instructors).

• You’ll receive an email with an updated broadcast link 1 hour before the class starts.

• The email will contain a Zoom link. When you click on the link, it’ll take you directly to the class.

•The email will also contain the meeting ID, password and equipment needed.

• After the class you will receive a broadcast link to the recording of the class. This will be available for you to watch for 48 hours.

• Please note that you are able to cancel a class booking up to 1 hour before class starts.

• If you have issues during the class— WhatsApp us on +27 71 275 7454.

There is a Zoom waiting room enabled — you’ll be able to join the class and wait there until we start adding clients to the class 15 minutes before it begins.


When added to the group call, please check that you can see and hear us and then ensure that your camera and microphone are turned off and keep them off for the duration of the class.


Classes will start promptly at the start time. No further sign-ins will be accepted once class starts as it disrupts the video and causes recording issues. However, you will be able to watch the recorded link after class has finished.


If anything goes working during class (e.g. your internet drops, you miss the sign-in or family interrupts) - don’t worry! The recorded class link will be sent to you within 30 minutes from when class finishes and will be available to watch for the next 48 hours.


Per Class

For 5 Class Pack

For 10 Class Pack

Pre-Recorded Videos On Demand

At CoreFit Online, we are constantly creating videos to get your body excited and your mind refreshed. If you can’t make our Live Group Classes or want to do a class in your own time, we offer pre-recorded 1-hour classes where you can sign up to receive a Vimeo link to a class which doesn’t expire so you can do the class again and again.

Each week we release new videos for the different levels of pilates. 

• You’ll receive an email with a broadcast link before the class is scheduled.

• The email will contain a private Vimeo link that doesn’t expire.

• You will be able to access this link at any time.

• Each class will have its own private link and you are able to buy these classes at any time.


Per Class

For 5 Class Pack

For 10 Class Pack

Membership Library

We also offer unlimited access to our library of videos for a monthly membership fee. With this membership, you will be able to view a range of pilates videos at all levels and at any time.
Each month, the library is updated — keeping your core strong and mind stimulated.

– This collection is a great option for corporates.

• You’ll will be able to login to the membership library through the website.

• There will be a monthly subscription fee and you can pause this at any time.

• Members will have access to the entire library which will be hosted through Vimeo.

• Each week the library will have new content added to it.

• You will be able to access the library and the classes in it at anytime.


To be confirmed.
RXXX/$XX Per Month

Subscription to Unlimited Videos


Private sessions are a great way to start Pilates or help you recover from an injury or if you have a specific problem to address. During these video-call sessions, Robyn is able to watch and correct your form so that you move perfectly and safely without the risk of hurting yourself. Every private client begins their journey with a full-body assessment where we note down your specific needs and goals for the sessions ahead.

It is your hour to de-stress and feel your best while strengthening and releasing the areas of your body that need special care. 

• Strict 24 hour policy applies to all appointments.

• Sessions are valid for 3 months from purchase.

• There are limited slots available for appointments in any given month, thus scheduling for recurring/multiple bookings will be confirmed with clients by the 25th of the month prior.

• Appointments that are confirmed will be invoiced on the 25th of the month prior, in order to secure the time slot.

• Payment on the invoice is due by the 1st of the month.

NOTE: Late payments will result in time slot being offered to other clients on waiting list.


Per Private Session

Per Person for Semi-Private Session

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