Anti-Burst Pilates Ball (75cm)

Exercise balls are a fun way used to strengthen core muscles and improve posture.

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Exercise balls, made from durable PVC, are great for challenging your stability through a variety of exercises and can even be used as a chair — making Rob’s dream of having the perfect posture even more possible.

Find the right size for you. As a guideline — If you are shorter than 180cm, use the 65cm ball. If you are taller than 180cm, use the 75cm ball.

• Made from stronger materials improving the anti-burst* quality.
• Tone and sculpt shoulders, arms, thighs and abs.
• Improve core strength, agility and balance.
• Impact-free for joint safety.
• Perfect for all skill levels.

*These balls are anti-burst but can still tear or puncture on sharp objects.

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